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Southern Dream

Flower Bloom Natural

Flower Bloom Natural

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Bloom where you are planted!' This delightful pot of happy blooms will brighten your day and your room when soaked with your favorite Diffuser Oil fragrance. All elements on the Flower Bloom Natural are soakable providing a flameless, cordless fragrancing option for any small space. The center of the flowers is also wood, brushed with metallic silver to resemble metal.' Measures: 5.5'' X 7'' h


Naturals: are beautiful, hand-made, natural decorative pieces prepared to absorb Diffuser Oil fragrance and provide your small space with unique décor and provide fragrance simultaneously. Apply Diffuser Oil along the top and allow gravity to saturate toward the bottom. Avoid soaking the wood base to protect surrounding surfaces. Do NOT oversoak to prevent the Diffuser Oil liquid from dripping onto other surfaces.


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